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I write about Florida, travel, arts, entertainment, popular culture, restaurants, cooking, nature, history, health, and fitness.

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Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Fitness instructor gets people moving

Kelly Atkins melded years of fitness training with her studies of the brain into a mind-body-spirit dance exercise she calls Kai.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Tai Chi: Slow and steady

More doctors are recommending this Chinese martial art form for health applications

Ionie article
Sarasota Herald-Tribune

No cooking: Some like it raw

Devotees say a focus on a diet of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds balances weight, increases energy and improves health issues.

Quilts article

A fabric of faith |

A fabric of faith |

Religious america article
Publishers Weekly

Bridging Faith Divides

In a changed world, books help neighbors understand each other

John maxwell book article
Publishers Weekly

Inspired by the Golden Rule

Business ethics titles bring religious principles into the workplace

Athol dickson book article
Publishers Weekly

The Quest for Understanding

A growing number of books explore religions' common threads

Publishers Weekly

Spotlight On…William Wilberforce

A new book and television documentary aspire to use the example of Wilberforce and his Clapham Circle to ignite a new generation of social activism.

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Publishers Weekly

Stormie and Paige Omartian: A Heart for Young Women

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law coauthored a book of prayers

Publishers Weekly

The Power Of Wow

Word-of-mouth and celebrity endorsements launched Eckhart Tolle to success

Dee henderson  book photo article
Publishers Weekly

Dee Henderson: What to Say About God

Author keeps a low profile

Publishers Weekly

It's a Fantasy

Speculative fiction is a tough sell in the Christian market

Publishers Weekly

Books Extend Pastors' Ministries—and Can ...

The pastor-authors whose books power Christian publishing and these days cross over into general market bestsellerdom are known by their messages and platforms

The boy who died book article
Publishers Weekly

Heaven Was Beautiful, But I Came Back

Stories from those who say they have seen heaven and returned to life will probably always find an audience

Publishers Weekly

Mega Tactics For Mega-Hits

Two publishers pulled out all the stops for their star pastors